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that has been done to wow classic gold death, that has been done to wow classic gold death
The notion of a"slippery slope" that has been done to wow classic gold death, honestly doesn't hold true in any way. It's something that an irrational fear born out of mistrust into the corporation, about can be replicated and sense by the masses. And by company I signify the actual evil that is the fiscal side of Activation, the company. So unfortunately we are going to be repeating some of the very same mistakes with WoW Classic, due to no modifications - errors I can objectively argue for previous reproach... Nevertheless after having said all this, I too am prepared to accompany #nochanges for the larger good of stuff, also because I too don't expect that the company to be smart and creative. This is the result of betrayal, lies and deceit; and tale of mistrust really.

We produce great matches, 2. We make money, have changed this lengthy ago.Sorry for the rant, but those are items that I had to get off MY chest ;) there are lots of things I will not tolerate from Blizzard and should I see those at WoW Classic, I simply won't play. It is going to be the push I want to visit pservers. That is coming from somebody who waited playing pservers to get WoW Classic for a long time and past all hope have patiently advocated! Comprehend that for a second.

So I only had this bizarre train of association between Nirvana into The Man Who Sold The World, which many think is first to Bowie, to Nirvana, to Changes, to #nochanges. Oh well.If you want to play US players and also you enjoyed the personal server experience so much, why don't you play on private servers (presuming you do not )? I have been enjoying on Kronos III a little, unless my memory of vanilla is off, I noticed and there are some changes. Or talent unlearning expenses. However, aside from that, it comes close to what I remember. Based on the way Blizzard implement buy classic wow gold, personal servers may well be closer to the"real thing". I guess it remains to be seen.
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