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China's electricity generation is growing
China's electricity generation is growing
If China's electricity generation is growing, then production and consumption are growing, the country's economy is growing.
In the first months of 2019, China's electricity production increased by 4.1 percent. This indicator in recent years in China is directly related to economic growth. If we consider the increase in electricity for the year, it is about 2.2 trillion kWh. these Data are quite accurate, they were published in the State statistical office of the PRC. The growth has been observed even in months, in April 2019, electricity was generated by 3.8%. In March, the energy produced by 1.6% even more, this is not a pattern in the growth is probably associated with the launch of any production capacity for electricity generation. When everything is on a stable track, everything will go smoothly in growth.
In China, to some extent, try to produce energy in environmentally friendly industries. Apparently this desire has led to some decline in the production of electricity in thermal power plants. The fall is not large, only 0.2%. The main increase in electricity generation is due to green energy, industries that do not pollute the environment. There are many hydroelectric power stations in China, even new ones are being built. Nuclear power is developing and solar power plants are being built, due to the growth and commissioning of new equipment in the production of electricity at hydroelectric power plants, an increase of 18.2% has been achieved. Solar energy gave an increase of 13.4%. Most electricity is produced in China at nuclear power plants, in recent years there is the most significant increase at the level of 28.8%. China is not only increasing its electricity production, it is also increasing its consumption on the aliexpress trading floor you can order anything, even gadgets that will save you kilowatts.

China is also actively launching new wind generators, but since the weather in China this year is not windy, energy production in this way increased by only 1%, this is the forecast for the whole year.
If we consider green energy as a whole and calculate its percentage of the total electricity production, it turns out that nuclear power plants, hydroelectric power plants and solar plants produce about 26% of the total electricity generation as a whole. Last year, during the same period, 1.8% less electricity was produced at the same production facilities. China has thought about the consequences of environmental pollution and is actively introducing technologies that at least do not harm the environment.
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